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About Faux Hair

Every Women Deserves to be Beautiful!


Faux Hair prides itself on being the most advanced trichology clinic & salon in the industry and provides women, solutions for both hair loss, and hair extension methods, along with hair & scalp wellness. 


Each client can trust that they have not only been offered the most honest and expert advice, but also the most advanced treatments and the highest quality and most natural looking systems available. some of which are designed by Naomi herself.




We take the time to hear your story, so that we can provide you with a solution to suit your personal needs.

Years of experience and research means that we understand what sufferers need and want.

We understand your journey may have been painful and we provide the high level of  care and secrecy that clients should expect, we will work with you to provide the most natural solution to help with all your hair concerns.


We offer both Trichology servies, to help restore your hair and scalp for optimum groth, along with the most premium

From 100% human wigs and weave systems, integration units, to designer and self donated wigs (that's right, we can actually use your very own hair to custom make a unit for you to look just like your own hair ready for when your ) hair grafting, and hair extension services.

Our clinic offers finance options, and some of our services are claimable through your health fund, depending on what cover you have.

About Naomi

Owner and Director

Mrs Naomi Moreno

Senior Hair Dresser


Beauty Therapist

Trichologist Associate

"Having dealt with Hair Loss, both personally and professionally, and watching family through the effects of treatment, there is no body who can empathise with the devastating effects of Hair Loss more than me. I have personally struggled with alopcia, and most of my units i have designed with myself, and other sufferers in mind.

With precious few natural looking solutions its hard to know where to turn to.

No wonder over 60% of women struggling with hair loss, do not seek professional advice, and show an increase of clinical depression. We are here to over tried and tested solutions, that truly work"

I am a fully qualified Senior Hair dresser holding certificate 4 in Hair dressing and Hair Education. I have 21 years experience in the Hair and beauty Industry. I have studied hair growth and restoration at length and continue to educate to provide all the information and services I can to my clients in need, I have studied Natural medicine, specialising in Hair Growth, and currently undertaking a degree in trichology technology.

Learning to braid at 6 years old, it quickly became an obsession, that sees me able to braid lengths as short as an inch, aiding to many of my custom hair replacement solutions. I pride myself in my quick applications, and have a dedication to my clients, some of which I have had for the past 21 years!

Hair Loss, Hair Extensions and the Solutions are my passion. I have dedicated my life to finding solutions to treat as many different symptoms as I can, and the solutions I have learned and personally created have proven to be invaluable to my long lasting clients.

I believe that each and every client, and there story is unique and therefore so should the solution.

I endeavour to ensure that every client leaves, not only satisfied with there new solution, but also is well educated, and has the guidance and support they need.

After all most of our clients feel our solutions are a life long investment and a relationship I truly treasure.

About Andrea

Senior Hair Dresser 6 years experience

Extension Technician

3 Year Hair Loss Technician

Director of Creativity

Professional Photographer & Business Owner


Andrea is a senior Hair Dresser with over 6 years experience. She has studied hair dressing and has completed training both through our team and an elite sydney salon. Andrea adds an artisitc level to our salon, and is a sucessful, talented photographer, owning her own business.

Andrea is currently studying  an additional Hair Loss and Growth Certificate,  and has so far completed her higher learning training in hair extensions methods excelling in her training courses.

Andrea has a true passion for hair, and with her unique and witty personality, Andrea provides and artistic twist to her work and her clientele  is just as fascinated by her unique and creative styles as we are!

Andrea specalises in Balayage and her hand painted skills and creations are in high demand.


Andrea has a unique take on hair, and is often sourced for her funky creative colours, and additional touches, creating the most unique looks. 

Andrea is extremley gentle, kind hearted and eager to please. She is an asset to our company and has a vast knowledge in many areas which is helpful in our clinic when directing clients to many of our assisitive services.


Andrea is a true perfectionist, which her clients truly appreciate. she takes the time to listen to the clients needs, and to educate her clients on the new look.

About Jasmine

Senior Hair Dresser 4 years experience

Extension Technician

Master Colour Technician

Blonde Specialist


Jasmine is a Senior HairDresser and Hair Extensions Technician. 

Jasmine is highly trained in colour and specialises in blonde work 

Jasmine has a high level of understanding colour and her dark to light colour transformations are in high demand. 

Jasmine has additional colour certificates, that make her stand out from the average technician and her vast knowledge in colour sets her above the rest. 


Jasmine has a wide range of product and technical knowledge, which is an asset to our company, and she often assists other salons in product knowledge and training through our warehouse. 


Jasmine goes above and beyond with her clients, she ensures her clients have a full understanding of home care and technical support, to maintain the new look.

Jasmine is fully trained in Hair Extensions and specialises in Nano bead and Tape Hair Extensions.


Due to Jasmines skills in colour, she currently has around a 3/4 weeks wait.