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Hair Extensions are an investment and one well spent! They are addictive, gorgeous and enhance your beauty. But it is important to consider a few things before taking the plunge in investing in your new locks!

We have put together a few things to consider, before bookings your appointment.


Hair Extensions are unpredictiable! Even after a professional hair assesment, we can never 100% predict how they will perform in your hair (eg, sliding, moving, settling)


Extensions are an investment, and just like cosmetic surgery, they come risks and a responsibilities to consider.


It is hard to set a time limit on your extensions. 


When booking for a Hair Extension service, Including a tightening or rotation, be prepared to have a follow up appointment, not because of poor service, or application but beacause as talented as your technician/stylist may be, the bottom line is you are adding an enhancement to a hair shaft that naturally isnt ment to be there! It makes sense that they be unpredicatable


Weft extensions can snag, unravel or become to loose to quick, Nano bead extensions can slide out,or spring up, tape extensions can flick out or slide and require stronger adheisive.

Additional length may need to be cut, Extensions may require additional layers or blending after settling, Extension positioning may need a slight re-adjusting,

Sensitive scalp clients may need extensions to be loosened further after settlement.

Clients with very thick hair, may like to come back and add additional hair (at an extra fee) that they may not have needed or wanted at the initial appointment.

All of this is normal and the majority is fixable. Be prepared when making your appointment to have a second follow up appointment within the 7 days. Our ladies never take this as "Complaining" but rather a normal procedure, and we welcome you back for any adjustments within the first 7 days.

Of course, if you need some help, or aren't sure of some thing, after the 7 days, let us know also! We are here to help!

Extensions are an investment, and just like cosmetic surgery, they come risks and a responsibilities to consider.


Hair extensions do require a little bit of extra care, and specially formulated hair products (Without sulphate, paraphen and protiens) consider purchasing a care pack, so you have all the products you need to correctly care for your new lengths. 

You can not use your regular shampoos and care routines. Using an incorrect product, even once, can instantly damage your extensions.

Read over your care instructions and follow them closely, the better you care for them, the longer they will last you.


Unfortunately we do not recommend that you swim in pools, spas and beaches with your hair extensions. 


Any hair dresser will tell you dying hair extensions is tricky work! They are coated in a special coating that keeps them silky or so long, the higher the quality, the stronger that coating is. This can some times mean when dying the extensions colour can be unpredictable, save a little extra time for your stylist to colour the extensions, some times they need to be coloured twice before applying

After your colour service, the extensions can some times fade a little quicker than your own hair, this is normal too, as the coating can limit the amount of colour that can penetrate. You may need a follow up colour 2 weeks after your initial appointment.. 


We make sure we cover every thing we think you may need to know in our infomation sheets, provided to you at the start of your service. Please take the time to read through them, and ask us any question you have!

Following your service, we will also send you a series of emails in regards to the care of your extensions. Take some time and carefully read through these, Please call us at the salon if you need any help or have any questions.

Ask Questions, learn all you can from your hair, your extensions, your technician and qualifications,

Listen to their advice, if you require additional colouring, or extra hair, consider it, keep in mind although your stylist recommends some thing, a method, a colour etc the desicion is ultimatly yours, but the finished result may vary.

Make sure you are 100% satisfied before you leave.

NSW Health law prevent salons from refunding or exchanging on Hair Extensions as the hair can not be re-sold. (Ew)

If you change you mind, or don't like the look, feel or tighteness we encourage you to come in for a follow up appointment, so we can help in any way possible, but please keep in mind, adustments and discussed minial work is free however some additional services can aquire a small fee.

As we do not personally care for the extensions on a daily basis, we cannot be held responsible for the performace of the hair after leaving the salon.

Some adjustments/ or additonal work do require an additonal fee and if you arent sure please contact our staff!


The hair we sell at Faux Hair is Naomis own brand of Hair Extensions. This means when our manufactures make it, we make 30 kilos per colour, per length. being the same "batch". In each standard full head application, we apply 100gram of hair extensions- out from the 30 kilos. Although no set will be 100% the same, considering it all comes from seperate donors, it is not likey would have a bad batch of just 100grams hair. (we would have the whole 30 kilos to worry about!) However our lighter colour extensions (blondes, light browns etc) have gone through the most chemical process, and will require a touch more attention in caparison to the darker colours. 


When considering Hair Extensions, consider the upkeep also. We recommend tightening between 2-8 weeks for most of our methods. We have payment plans and salon memberships to help ease the costs of the up keep of hair extensions

At any time you arent sure of anything, or you have a question, just let us know! We are here to help!

Enjoy your new locks!