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appointment preparation

confirm appointment

You will receive a confirmation txt from our computer system 48 hours prior to your appointment.

PLEASE respond to this text with a YES. Unconfirmed appointments our computer deletes.

We can only read a YES or NO response.

If you need to make a change to your appointment please call the salon.

Children & Infant policy

We write this with the up most respect to the parents in our salon,

We love children (we are mums to) however we have a strict policy regarding children & infants, and their presence in  the salon. We are a small Clinic, working with many hazard tools and chemicals

The bulk of our clientele, are women suffering the effects of hair loss, due to illness and can not cope with the additional noise,or audience.  We want you to relax to!

We offer late nights, Saturdays and after hours, to help out with our busy mums! Please understand that our concern is for the safety of your child, and it is not our intent to offend. 

prepare your hair

Please wash your hair, within 24 hours of your appointment for all services, including blondes.

Please ensure your hair is dry, tangle and product free. Or please call us to add a cleanse to your service.

arrive on time

We understand that things happen that can alter your arrival time, please call our team if you feel you are going to be late, Arrivals of more than 15 mins can result in re-scheduling or shorten duration time.

Please understand we do have a 48 hour cancellation fee, of 50% of the service cost, which includes re-scheduling without 48 hour notice


Please following the payment instructions on your confirmation txt.

We do not have eftpos. Bank transfer payments must be made 3 days prior to service appointment, or cash on the day

We offer ZipPay for new toppers, wigs, or new set extensions only. Please ensure you have the correct funds prior to your appointment time.

Please let our salon know prior to your application day, if you wish to use Zip Pay.

bring photos

If you have a picture of a hair colour, style you like bring it along with you! It helps us to understand what you like, and gives us a point of start for a consultation.

If you have experinced hairloss, please bring along any photos of your older hair style.


Wear loose, comfortable dark clothing. Some of our services are lengthy, and we want to be sure you are comfortable! Keep in mind, even though we are extremely careful with our colour work, and basin services, there is a slight risk your clothing could be affected, You can dress down into a smock (provided) if you like, We ask that you do not wear dangly earrings

food & drink

We have a selection of teas, coffee's and beverages for you to enjoy. We do provide some yummy bikkies, and soup selections.

Back Burner Cafe is conveniently located down stairs, along with a convenience store. Please also feel welcome to bring along and snacks or drinks (excluding alcohol) 

booked guests only

Current Covid concerns, please arrive alone to your appointment.

Our salon has limited spacing, and other guests may not be comfortable with an additional audience.

If you have a friend or partner waiting for you, a yummy cafe is down stairs

parking & travel

We are conveniently located near a bus stop, and we have free side street parking, just up from our clinic. 


Please note, the parking at the cafe and convenience store and chemist, has only 15 mins parking. Please do not use this space. 

parental consent

If you are having a hair service, and you are under the age of 18, or using some one else's funds, please have your parents consent, or even better bring them along with you.

At present there is no law or limit of age for hair appointments or services, but we want to be sure parents know before spending out!

service timing

 Due to the unpredictable nature of our Hair loss Services, we are unable to provide a timing estimate for your service. Please let us know prior to your service if you need to be out by a certain time.

Please feel free to call ahead 20 mins to check if we are on schedule.

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