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trichology services

Associate Trichologist, Naomi Moreno, offers a range of Hair and Scalp services, and growth restoration treatments. 

Naomi offers the most trusted and clinically proven methods and treatments to restore hair health, and promote growth. 

Specialising in all types of womens hair loss, and scalp conditions, and offering hair & Bulb testing to get to the root of the reason for your hair loss, stunted growth, or scalp concerns. 

For a personalised program, click the link below to make a consultation to meet with Naomi 

or for more information, email Naomi at


hair & bulb testing 

Get to the root o your hair loss problems


Scalp & Hair Analysis

Are you having issues with your scalp or hair, such as psoriasis or damaged hair? Let us help you with a program to get your hair back on track 


hair growth and gut health

Reduce shedding and increase hair growth with our customised programs to help get your hair back on track. 

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