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Luxxe Invisible Hair Replacement System

long term hair replacement system

Designed & Established by our team 2015.

Exclusive to Faux Hair


introducing luxxe invisible hair replacement

flawlessly mimics the natural hair
  • Maintenance 3-6 times per year 

  • Unaffected by heat, & hair colour, 

  • Safe for swimming and gym/sport

  • Flawlessly mimics your natural hair.

  • No additional maintenance or special home care

  • Safe for EVERY hair type

  • Small bonds can be applied around the sides of the face and hair lines

  • Applied to natural hair lengths from 5mm

what are they?

After years of working in the hair replacement industry, our team have experimented with this design for many years, tweaking the system, as we learnt from client to client, until we perfected the perfect design in 2015.

(check our social media posted back dated to see the process)

This system has been designed for guests that consistently wear hair extensions and are looking for a long term or permanent 'set and forget" replacement system 

New strand by strand technology, enables us to provide invisible hair extensions to the whole head, including areas around the sides of the face, and thinner areas. (those with finer crowns may like to add a topper/luxxe como)

This method is NOT a keratin bond system. Our attachments are HEAT PROOF, COLOUR SAFE, STYLE SAFE and completely sealed for long term wear. The application does not require heat.

how is works & why you need them.

  • First we will ask you to meet with us for a strand test. At this appointment we will attach a few sample strands to your natural hair, so that we can test the longevity and how often you will need to frequent the salon for maintenance. If you are a confident extensions wearer, we are happy to skip this step and move right to your application, After a hair assessment and hair & scalp analysis. This will help determine the safe weights of each strand to ensure no pressure on the natural hair, and help start to determine how often you will need to come to the salon for maintenance.

  • We will then apply a very small, capsule to each strand, altering the sizes and shape at different sections, based on what you need. We will also blend, cut and style your hair, colour matching available at an additional cost

  • After you initial application, we will need to see you in the salon 14 days for a FREE check up. We will ensure the capsules have softened and settled, and the hair is distributed evenly. We will also make any adjustments needed.

  • We will then book your first maintenance appointment, which is 2-5 months from your application day. At this appointment, we will know know how often you will need to frequent the salon for maintenance. This is based on how your natural hair grows, (rotational plan and how often your natural hair sheds, along with your personal life style and home care. This will be any where up to 4 months, and can change throughout the year. The maintenance appointment is from $600 depending on how many require a top up

  • We will remove and replace any strands that look tired or damaged, we will trim and refreshen the capsules, and move up any that are overly grown out. There is not a need to “tighten” or move up every strand, as they are designed to naturally shed from the hair. You do not need to hold onto any strands that do come out, or contact the salon, this design is meant to shed from the hair over time


how long do they take to apply?

Great thought and effort has gone into this process, to ensure longevity of the system. This means they can be a lengthy application. 

A full standard head can take between 4-6 hours to apply. 

A maintenance appointment can be between 2-6  hours, depending on how many need to be replaced. Thankfully they then make up for their lengthy application, with less in store visits throughout the duration of the year. This can work out to be a cheaper long term process then other methods, and perfect for time poor guests. 


  • Luxxe Invisible Extensions are created entirely on your hair needs. The strands are weighted, and customised, and can be as small as 1 or 2 strands of extensions onto 1 strand of your own hair, or as full as 2grams per strand. This will affect the amount of produce needed, as well as application time. After meeting with you and discussing your hair needs, we can provide you with a quote, and time estimate.

  • Full Standard head pricing is from $1250

With maintenance appointments 3-4 times per year, starting from $600

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