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HAIR EXTENSIONS, WIGS AND TOPPERS are an investment and one well spent.

They are addictive, gorgeous and enhance your beauty, AND RESTORE YOUR CONFIDENCE. But it is important to consider a few things before taking the plunge in investing in your new locks


Our Hair Extensions, Wig & Toppers are of the highest quality available, we have perfected our hair over the last 15 years, and have the upmost faith in our products.

As these are a Human Product this means that no two pieces will be the same. The hair is sourced from different donors, and although made using our exclusive recipe the products can differ from time to time, some times after a wash, the unit may have a slight curl.

There are no warranties, refund or exchanges on extensions, wigs and Toppers, but we are certain you will love our quality

home care

Hair extensions, wigs, and toppers do require a little bit of extra care, and specially formulated hair products (Without sulphate, paraphen and proteins) consider purchasing a care pack, so you have all the products you need to correctly care for your new lengths. 

You can not use your regular shampoos and care routines. Using an incorrect product, even once, can damage your extensions.

Read over your care instructions and follow them closely, the better you care for them, the longer they will last you.

If you are wearing a wig or topper, you may need to style the front section daily, as you would your own hair, or secure in place with adhesive, which we will go over with you at your fitting


As an Associate Trichologist, we have studied Hair, Scalp and Growth at length, and will ensure that we help you chose a hair Replacement or extension method that will suit your natural hair, life style and growth patterns as closely as we can. 

However any time you apply any to your natural hair, be it colour, products, chemicals, wigs or extensions, there is a slight risk to your natural hair. 

We will discuss with you the correct home care for your extensions, and it is important that you follow a maintenance program closely. 

Over time your own hair can change (stress, hrmnes, illness for example can bring on excessive shedding, and we may need to try another method for the duration. 

It is important to communicate with us if you have any cornerns.


Unfortunately, we do not recommend that you swim, in pools, spas or beaches with hair extensions, wigs or toppers.


We do have some information on what to do if you are swimming or going on a holiday, to help protect your hair while you enjoy the water

follow up appointments & maintenance 

We offer a 7 day follow up appointment for all of our services.

Especially if you are having a new topper, wig or extensions, we understand that it can be quite nerve racking.

Its completely normal to possibly need some tweaking after washing and styling your self after a few days, we are here to help.


This is a free service and covers minor adjustments, such as additional blending, length removal, re adjusting frontal coverage, however larger services may incurr a fee. 

When wearing a semi permanent wig, topper or extension, you will need to frequent the salon between 2-8 weeks for maintenance/tightening. It is extremely important that you follow a strict tightening program. This will protect your natural hair and growth, and ensure the longevity of your unit.

We will place you on a rotation schedule so that we can help monitor your natural hair and growth


Dying hair extensions is tricky work. They are coated in a special coating that keeps them silky or so long, the higher the quality, the stronger that coating is. This can some times mean when dying the extensions colour can be unpredictable, save a little extra time for your stylist to colour the extensions, some times they need to be coloured twice before applying.

But we do not recommend dying your extensions at home.

After your colour service, the extensions can some times fade a little quicker than your own hair, this is normal too, as the coating can limit the amount of colour that can penetrate. You may need a follow up colour 2 weeks after your initial appointment. 

Following this, if you are regularly colouring your natural hair, your stylist will also need to colour your extensions.

We are of course happy o help you with this

Following your appointment, we will send you an email full of information on how to care for your new unit, extensions or colour work.

Please take the time to read over these and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Ask Questions, learn all you can from your hair, your extensions, your technician and qualifications,

Listen to their advice, if you require additional colouring, or extra hair, consider it, keep in mind although your stylist recommends some thing, a method, a colour etc the decision is ultimately yours.


Make sure you are 100% satisfied before you leave.

As we do not personally care for the extensions on a daily basis, we cannot be held responsible for the performance of the hair after leaving the salon.

NSW Health law prevent salons from refunding or exchanging on hair extensions, wigs and toppers, as the hair can not be re-sold. 

If you change you mind, or don't like the look, feel or tightness we encourage you to come in for a follow up appointment, so we can help in any way possible, but please keep in mind, minimal adjustments incurr no fee, however larger or more complicated tweaking can come at a cost to the client. 

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