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Indie Fashion Photoshoot
Indie Fashion Photoshoot



Thank you for visiting us today, we hope you are in love with your new look. 

Please have a read through our care information, for tips and tricks on the best after care, and product to use. 

Follow Up Appointments

It is very normal to need a follow up appointment within 7 days of your application, especially if this is your first time wearing extensions. We invite you back into the salon, for a free follow up appointment, if you feel any minor adjustments are needed, such as

  • Additional blending

  • Length removal 

  • Loosening of the braid (Please allow up to 5 days to settle)

  • Stitching becoming loose or undone 

  • Weft off the braid

  • Extensions excessively loose (More then 2 inches)


Please call us for an appointment if you feel you need a follow up or need an adjustment


Please note, our policy covers minor adjustments only. Additional work may require a fee

what to 

  • Your extensions may feel very tight today, and you may suffer from a slight tension headache, this is normal and should ease up quickly​,If you experience any conditions mentioned at your consultation please contact us.

  • Woven extensions can sometimes slip or bunch up, become unraveled, or stitching can snag, causing the weft to become loose too quickly. A booby pin placed vertically can help to hold in place, until your next appointment. however are concerned, please call us.

  •  It is normal for your extensions to shed For this reason, most of our clients like to replace or add hair after a few months, please note, this is not a fault in quality, but typical of a weft extension. Correct home care, and bushing with a D’Tangler Brush can minimize this. Please stick closely to your tightening schedule.​​​

  • Itching around the wefts is the most common reactions of the scalp when wearing extensions. ​The itching is caused by the bodies natural response to the added weight and tightness against the scalp.  Similar to an allergy. A minor itch should ease in a few days. But its important to know, in rare and extreme cases, the itch is constant and the extensions will need to be removed. ​Below is some things you can try before removal. 

  •  Try to wash your hair, and ensure all the shampoo and treatment is removed from the braids, running the water over them thoroughly, a build up of shampoo will irritate and create an itch. 

  • Make sure your braids are always dry. If you sweat a lot, blast dry your braids with your hair dryer, and after washing ensure your braids are completely dry, damp hair can harbour bacteria. 

  • Try some Paw Paw Cream on the start of the braids, at the tightest point or some of "Murrays Liquid Beeswax Anti Itch Formula" available from our clinic.

  • If you are medically allowed, try an anti histamine, please ask your chemist first. 

  • Finally, if all the above does not work, and the itch is unbearable, Please remove the extensions. We can do this for you at the salon, however if it is after hours, you can have a friend remove them for you as there are no chemicals or glues involved. have your friend simply cut the string carefully and unravel the braids. ​​

Blond Wavy Hair_edited.jpg
Blond Wavy Hair
  • Your hair will need to be washed no more than twice a week. We recommend washing once a week if possible (try some dry shampoo if you are finding your own hair oily)

  • Brush hair thoroughly using you Extension D’tangler Brush from your care pack(available from clinic, to remove knots, tangles and prevent pulling

  • Tilt head backwards in the shower and fully saturate hair (never flip hair forward over a basin)

  • Apply a small (size of 50c piece) amount of conditioner from your care pack to mid lengths and ends only - DO NOT RINSE 

  • Apply a small amount of Shampoo (About 20c Piece) to the roots and gently work through, Rinse and repeat. You do not need to shampoo your extensions as they will be cleansed from rinsing the suds from the tops. Work this small amount to roots only, do not scrunch.

  • Rinse suds out whilst keeping hair straight

  • Repeat this procedure, however this time work roots to mid sections.

  • Rinse and apply generous amount of conditioner to mid sections and ends. Leave 5-7 mins, combing through in sections with your fingers or a wide tooth comb & rinse.

  • Gently towel dry and apply small amount of Serum from your care pack to mid sections and ends

  • EVERY SECOND WASH switch your conditioner to an intense hydration treatment (available from clinic) and leave 10-20mins then rinse



Do not brush the hair when wet, you can either naturally air dry the hair, or blow dry.

Apply a heat protectant, & section your hair and blow dry, ensuring you are not tangling the extensions. Once 80% dry, you may use your d'tangle brush to gently comb through and straighten as you dry. Support the wefts with your hands as you work the brush through. 



Tongs, crimpers, irons and heated rollers can be used on your extensions. However it is advisable that you use a heat protectants. hair spray, gels and serums can be used, how ever it is important to ensure that are safe for extension and care completely cleansed from the hair during washing. Try not to over use heat tools as this can cause your extensions to dry out.


Blond Wavy Hair


Brush your extensions in a gentle manner, so not to cause excessive pulling on the natural hair. Using an extension brush, start from the bottom moving slowly to the top. brushing 1-3 times a day only.


We strongly suggest that you do not perm, tint or colour your Extensions. As the extensions are multi tone, and coated in a long lasting silky coating, the dye can pick up multi tones, and also dry the extensions out. 

If you do wish to dye the extensions, we suggest that the you have them professional dyed, with a technician highly trained in extensions, (even better come and see us!)

Please do not lighten or bleach hair extensions



For those that use sun beds/tanning, wrap the hair in a towel to avoid damage. 

For those who work out regularly or use a steam room/ sauna, you may like to dry your scalp after use, to avoid sweat build up in your braids. A use of a high quality dry shampoo can decrease your need to wash the hair daily. 

If you are pregnant, you may like to consider waiting for extensions, as the scalp can become easily irritated, due to hormones. 


We strongly suggest avoiding swimming in pools, spas and beaches with Hair Extensions. 

However in the case that you do, following precautions are advised to be taken: 


* If you can, tie your hair up and do not get the hair extension wet. Keep your head above water, avoiding diving & under water swimming. 


The chlorine present in the pools as well as the salt present in the sea, can matt or discolor the extensions. Salt/chlorine can cause a disintegration of the coating on the extensions, leaving a "stickiness" that promotes tangles. 


Some clients have found that applying conditioner then tying the hair into a pony tail, and securing another covered elastic at 2-3 inch sections to the ends.

After swimming, rinse the entire pony tail in fresh water thoroughly. 

then remove the first elastic and gently rinse. continue this a section at a time, and then start your wash routine, and finish with a very intense treatment. 

helpful hints


* Never sleep with Wet hair

* Its important that you take good care of your extensions and make to most of them buy using the correct products. 

* Follow a tighten program that has been created for you, and never drag our tighten appointments out past 8 weeks.  

* Lighter colour extensions will have a bleach content and so the life span will not be as long as the darker shades and will require more care. 

* Do not use product even colours and toners that contain oils and fruit oils such as wheatgerm or citrus. 

Faux Hair does not offer refunds, or replacements for any hair extension fitted, under any circumstances. Please consider this prior to having extensions fitted. 


Once the hair is fitted, the stylist will show you your end result and colour etc, once you agree and are happy with the hair fitted, when you leave the salon you are responsible for the care of your extensions. 




As we are a full booked clinic, when taking on a new client, we will set you up with either a 3, 6 or 12 monthly schedule to ensure we are taking to up most care of you and your hair.  


Due to our tight schedule, it may be hard to change your appointment around if you need to reschedule, please try to give us plenty of notice so we best can accomodate you.

We do require a 50% deposit when booking appointments.


Its important when you come to your appointment that your hair is freshly washed, completely dry and tangle free. This ensures your hair extensions last. We are happy to wash your hair for you if you don't have the time, or to do a dry off for you! (additional costs will apply)






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