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Hydrate, fight frizz and reset the scalp for healthier hair

Two daily capsules of this specialised scalp supplement support smoother, healthier hair, correct oil imbalances and deeply nourish the scalp to support the ageing process.

Crowning Glory’s standout ingredients include:

Plant-based Omega Oils

These work from within to support oil imbalances and create a really healthy scalp landscape, priming the scalp to create very healthy, hydrated hair

Vitamin D

Essential for scalp health and anti-inflammatory action, most helpful in cases of scalp conditions

Zinc & Selenium

To mediates cell turnover and support the immune system, most helpful in cases of scalp conditions


To help fight future damage and protect the hair and scalp


  • All hair types

    Males and females

    Scalp and hair oil imbalances and impurities

    Scalp conditions and sensitivities

    Lightened hair

    Dehydrated hair and scalps

    Breakage caused from dehydration


    Healthy, defined, radiant hair

    Fighting frizz

    Protection in hot and cold climates and against pollution

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