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PU Base Injected Topper 8x8 Base

At Faux Hair, we have spent year perfecting the most natural Hair Replcement Unit on the market!


Our Polyurethane Base Hair Toppers blend closely resemble the human scalp, the fine hairs are then injected into the base, creating the most life like finish. 

The hair is able to be parted in any direction, consistantly, just as your own hair can be. 

Our Lace Lifestyle units are perfect for women experiencing hair loss on the crown, and frontal areas, but due to the larger base, coverage will also continue at the back of the head. 


Clients have reported that the toppers sit flatter on the scalp, but the high density (150%) offer maximum thickness.



Completely Customisable to suit your every need.



  • Multi-directional injected base enables the wearer to part the hair in any direction, and mimiac the natural hair line.
  • Perfect for thinning hair, partial hairloss and coverage at the back crown
  • Can be cut to include a fringe, or bangs, by your own hairdresser, or make a fitting appointment with one of our stylists
  • Full Coverage, while still offering a light weight, comfortable wear.
  • Can be attached quickly and easily, either by selecting design to be made with clips, or by using our bonding glue, or wig tape. 
  • Using only 100% Human Remy Hair
  • Sits flat and comfortable at the front hair line, natural "baby hairs" designed to the front of the topper for a natural finish
  • Toppers can be straightened, or curled. Dyed darker (please do not bleach or lighten), styled blow dried and teased for a finished look that is 100% you! 
  • For ladies that like to use adhesive to secure a topper, this design is best, as the PU base, will not allow glue to penetrate through.


Available in 16" length only 

Base size is 8x8"



Due to the global pandemic, we are experiancing a world wide hair shortage.  During these times delivery can be between 2-12 weeks, unless advised otherwise.

PU Base Injected Topper 8x8 Base


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